At Pioneer Financial Group we believe that giving back to the community is synonymous with our other responsibilities to our clients. An integral part of belonging to the communities which we service is becoming involved in causes that are important to our clients as well as us to help further better our communities for all. At Pioneer Financial Group we are passionate about many things and below are a few of the most recent events we have taken part in. We look forward to growing with our community by continuing to attend more events in the future!

2021 Events

5 for 5 Charity Series

August - October 2021

In 2021, Pioneer Financial Group held a donation series in which we donated $500 each week for 10 weeks to local charities. By the end of the 10 weeks, we had given $5,000 in total to non-profit organizations in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and  Connecticut. Some of the charities included animal shelters, churches, Boys & Girls clubs and many more.
Below are some photos of Pioneer Financial Group’s involvement during the 5 for 5 Charity Series.

Pictured Left to Right: Pioneer Financial Group’s - Linda O’Connell, Travis Ritter, Joseph Griffin, and Trevor Lyne with Springfield Thunderbirds’ - Nathan Costa (President), John Jones Jr. (Account Executive) and the team’s mascot Boomer!
Part of our Windsor, CT team presents a donation to the T-Birds Foundation.

Pictured from Left to Right: Erik Johnson, Don Horne, Stacy Guenette Vasileios Izanidis, Lori Lowinger, Art Colello, Gail Colello, Matthew Bouthillette, Danny Lowinger, Mike Toole, Flor Toledo, John Colello, Katlyn Colello.
Pioneer Financial Group’s Warwick Team with Gotta Have Sole Vice President Lori Lowinger and her husband, Danny Lowinger.

Pictured Left to Right: Art Colello, Don Horne, and Danielle Santanella.
Pioneer Financial Group’s President, Art Colello, presents a donation check to Donald Horne, Vice President of Pioneer Financial Group and President of the Lisa Rego Horne Memorial Foundation with Marketing Coordinator, Danielle Santanella.
Pictured Left to Right: Gail Colello, Tammy Gallo, and Art Colello.
Gail and Art Colello present a check to East Greewich Animal Protection League’s Executive Director, Tammy Gallo.


2019 Events

Special Olympics Rhode Island

June 2019

This year the Special Olympics Rhode Island were held at the University of Rhode Island where over 1,500 passionate athletes all over Rhode Island competed in bowling, athletics, swimming, cycling, unified soccer, and powerlifting. The  opening ceremony was held on Friday May 31st. Members of Pioneer Financial Group volunteered their time to help out with the food service for athletes and patrons during the event.

Below are some photos of Pioneer Financial Group’s involvement during the Special Olympics Rhode Island.

Pictured Above: Mike Toole

Pictured Left to Right: Don Horne, and Mike Toole